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Finding it tough becoming the guitar player you want to be?

Wondering whether you’ve ‘got what it takes’ to sound as good as the pros?

All that practice and still feel like you’re not getting anywhere (and everyone else is!)

There’s so much to learn – how will you ever manage it?


YOU’RE NOT ALONE! As guitar players we all feel this way about our playing at times.


Becoming a better guitar player is a journey; and like any journey it’s easier (and more fun) with a guide to show you where to go, how to get there, and what to avoid. That kind of knowledge and experience is indispensable.


I’m James Shipway and guitar is my No. 1 passion. After 15 years of playing guitar professionally and teaching over 17,000 guitar lessons (Yes really!) I started James Shipway Guitar to help people like you become the guitar player of your dreams.


You’re probably sick of scouring the internet looking for answers to your questions only to end up even more confused than before.


You want to be playing guitar – not sifting though millions of videos (many of which teach you nothing).


You want ‘BS free’ guitar lessons showing you actionable, practical stuff that you can actually use. I hear you.

This is why my free guitar lessons cut through the fluff and show you what you need to know and exactly how to learn it so you can become the guitarist you want to be.

Oh… and you can leave your confusion at the door. Thousands of hours teaching guitar has taught me exactly how to break up complicated learning processes into easy steps to make them totally manageable and ‘confusion free’.


Plus, in my free guitar lessons I reveal PROVEN learning and practice methods my guitar students have used to turbocharge their guitar playing progress – faster than they ever believed possible.


Now YOU can use them too (they’re like guitar ‘rocket fuel’…). Does that sound good?




I’m a UK-based guitarist and guitar teacher, a husband, a dad, a Star Wars fan and a total guitar nut.


I won’t go on about my career to make myself sound better and more important than I am. That’s annoying (and it’s not my style). I’ll just say I’ve been playing guitar and teaching professionally since 2001, giving over 17,000 guitar lessons and counting.


My students know I’m all about showing them how to solve their guitar playing problems. It’s what I love to do and what I’m good at.


I’m good at it because I’ve been there myself. I’ve struggled, been lost and confused and been a nervous wreck playing in front of others. At times I’ve felt like I was getting nowhere (I even took up saxophone instead for a few weeks!). I’ve looked around and felt like everyone else was better and more talented than I was.


But I wouldn’t trade those times for anything, because along the way I’ve discovered some super powerful things about how to learn and play guitar.


Like any serious guitar player I feel like I’ve only ‘scratched the surface’ with my playing and I never stop learning! But I have been able to smash some of my guitar goals…


Are YOU ready to smash your guitar goals?


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