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'This is the course that will change your playing. Just work through it step by step and you will be seriously grateful for the results. In the past, learning little tricks here and there has helped me a bit. But this course has finally given me a real foundation to feel like I'm not bluffing my way through my playing anymore! I am learning my way around the whole neck of the guitar and gaining much more confidence in improvising. Thanks James!

- Josh Mainwaring, Minor Pentatonic Mastery user, NZ

'This course has been pivotal in helping me break out of restrictive patterns. It has helped me see the fretboard as one unit where I can play confidently in any key. It's really worth it; you will soon be happily and confidently soloing, knowing that you will not be stuck in one position.'

- John M, Minor Pentatonic Mastery user, UK

Why Choose Minor Pentatonic Mastery?

If like 99% of guitarists, you're frustrated and bored of only being able to jam and solo in a few small places on the neck, then let Minor Pentatonic Mastery transform your playing by showing you all the scale patterns, licks, 'power moves', knowledge and understanding you need to unlock the entire fretboard, play more exciting and musical solos, and achieve the kind of freedom on the guitar most players only ever dream about.


Minor Pentatonic Mastery is easy to follow and use, and shows you a step-by-step method for mastering your pentatonic scale knowledge. By studying all the pentatonic scale shapes and how to easily arrange them over the guitar neck, you can soon be soloing all over the guitar without limitation (no more getting lost mid solo and playing wrong notes!)


Knowing scales is a good start - but how do great players make them sound so good? Minor Pentatonic Mastery breaks down the barriers between knowing scales - and playing great leads and solos. Every scale pattern covered comes with a range of sample blues and rock licks, showing you exactly how to get the pattern sounding like the great players, without it taking years (this is the part so many other books and courses fail to address)


Becoming a great lead player means developing a killer vocabulary of soloing ideas - this is the 'vocabulary' you'll draw from when you play. In Minor Pentatonic Mastery I'll show you how to do this. You'll learn my 'power moves' method to start you on the road to a huge soloing vocab, and you'll discover how to grow a powerful library of soloing ideas to make you a much beter soloist, improviser, and all round player (it's not about spending hours learning thousands of new licks!).


Nothing kills your motivation like struggling through confusing, badly taught lessons, feeling overwhelmed and like you're getting left behind. That's why, like all my courses, Minor Pentatonic Mastery is taught in a 100% 'confusion-free' way, with close up demonstrations, and crystal clear explanations of every concept, lick, scale shape and technique. And, you can work at a pace that suits your lifestyle and still see awesome results using the Course Roadmap which comes with the course.

' Simple, constructive videos and accompanying notes. Inspires you to pick up the guitar and learn scales and licks in an interesting way. Also the author replies to emails - a rarity! Highly recommended'

- Andy King, Minor Pentatonic Mastery user, UK

'This course is absolutely brilliant, just wish I’d seen it years ago. I've only been on this course for a few months and it’s already changed so much in my playing. Top man James, well done on a great course!'

Nathan P, Minor Pentatonic Mastery user, UK

Here's why I created Minor Pentatonic Mastery...

Time and time again I'd get guitar students coming to me and saying:

'I feel like I'm stuck in one place on the guitar and always play the same scales, licks and ideas. What can I do to fix this problem? I haven't a clue what to do...'

Can you relate to this? I can - I remember how frustrating it was to see players soloing all over the guitar neck, and there I was stuck playing in the same crappy little box pattern...

It seemed almost impossible to find an easy-to-use method for learning my way around all of the fretboard. Eventually, after I'd spent years overcoming this limitation in my playing, I realised the long-winded process I'd discovered and used could be condensed into a simple step-by-step method. My students could use this and get great results so much faster than I did. Sure, they had to do some work - but they could avoid years of stumbling around trying to work it out for themselves.

Minor Pentatonic Mastery is my way of giving you this step-by-step process. You'll learn everything you need to know to master the fretboard using the minor pentatonic scale, without the confusion myself and most players know about so well. You'll learn the scale patterns you need, how to memorise them quickly and easily, how to use them in any key and how to use them to play slick, polished solos which make you sound like you mean business! This is not just another half-baked 'scale course', it is so much more: Minor Pentatonic Mastery is a proven method you can use to transform your soloing and improvisation skills in blues, rock, metal, pop and many other guitar styles.

So if you're sick and tired of feeling limited when you play, and you're ready to take a quantum-leap forward in your soloing and improvising skills, then I invite you to join me and other successful students in Minor Pentatonic Mastery right now and we'll begin right away.

Watch these preview video to see excerpts from the Minor Pentatonic Mastery modules...

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What's covered in Minor Pentatonic Mastery?

Simply put: everything you need for learning to solo all over the guitar with the pentatonic scale in rock, blues, metal, funk, pop, and other guitar styles. Scale patterns, theory, sample licks, soloing concepts, practice methods, exercises and routines... all of it.

If you want to know more, see the breakdown of each module below.

An electric guitar  and amplifier on a white background

Module 1: Welcome to Minor Pentatonic Mastery

After a quick intro we look at how you can get great results with the course. We'll also discuss why most guitar players fail to learn their way around the fretboard and look at the '3 step plan' we'll be using to make sure that you're successful with the course. I'll also introduce you to your Minor Pentatonic Mastery Course Roadmap.

Module 2: Nailing the Basics

Discover and learn the two simple things which can unlock the whole guitar fretboard for you (seriously). We'll also get the lowdown on what the minor pentatonic scale is and how it is commonly used.

Module 3: Minor Pentatonic Shape 1

Learn the most common minor pentatonic shape there is. You may know it already, but this module throws a new light on what to do with it. Includes 4 sample blues and 4 sample rock licks, plus I'll introduce you to my 'power moves' concept and show you how to use it to massively expand your soloing skills. I also show you how to memorise any new scale pattern faster than ever before.

Module 4: Minor Pentatonic Shape 5

Learn how to play and use the 'shape 5' minor pentatonic pattern. 4 rock and 4 blues licks for you to study, killer shape 5 'power moves', plus I show you how to easily move licks and scales up an octave.

Module 5: Minor Pentatonic Shape 4

Learn how to play and use 'shape 4' minor pentatonic pattern. Sample licks, shape 4 'power moves', plus how to move all scales into any key for maximum versatility when you jam.

Module 6: Minor Pentatonic Shape 3

Learn the 'shape 3' minor pentatonic pattern, example shape 3 blues and rock licks and vocab-building 'power moves'. I'll also answer a selection of the most common minor pentatonic FAQs.

Module 7: Minor Pentatonic Shape 2

Complete your scale knowledge by studying the 'shape 2' pattern. Includes sample rock and blues licks and 'power moves'.

Module 8: Connecting Patterns Made Easy with the 'Rule of Two'

Learn how to easily connect up all 5 scale patterns to play licks across the full length of the fretboard and solo fluently in any key. The secret: my 'Rule of Two' method. Learn how simple this is to use in this important module.

Module 9: The 'Sliding' Minor Pentatonic Scale (1st shape)

In this module we'll look at an extremely versatile 'sliding' pentatonic pattern. We'll also examine sample licks and 'power moves' which come from it. This is a powerful soloing tool, looking forward to helping you learn to use it in your playing!

Module 10: The 'Sliding' Minor Pentatonic Scale (2nd Shape)

Learn another super-useful sliding pattern to use in your solos. Complete with sample rock and blues licks, 'power moves' and more.

Module 11: Towards Total Mastery!

In this final module you'll discover powerful practice methods and exercises you can use to truly master the fretboard and using pentatonics in your playing. Exercises include soloing on lateral string pairs, 'pattern swapping', string-pair soloing, playing 'random notes' and more. Do the work, and this module can truly transform your understanding of the fretboard and how to play guitar... forever.

Module 12: Congratulations... Now What?

Discover what to do next and how to build on the knowledge you've acquired from Minor Pentatonic Mastery!

Join Today and Get 2 Amazing Free Bonuses

Bonus 1: Backing Track Pack

  • Download from the course as mp3s and play from your favourite music library (iTunes etc) on phone/iPad, desktop etc...
  • Or play inside the course using the built in music player
  • 'Live feel' tracks in various styles, tempos, and keys for jamming practice, practicing course materials, trying out new ideas etc

Bonus 2: Live Training Replay and Bonus 'Blues Scale' Lesson

Two exclusive workshops I ran for Minor Pentatonic Mastery students. Packed with practical examples, answers to common questions and more.

  • Session 1: Live Q&A Replay. Covers connecting scale patterns, using chord shapes and other pentatonic FAQs!
  • Session 2: Bonus Blues Scale Workshop. Learn simple methods for turning pentatonic patterns into blues scales... including 'lateral blues scales' (they're killer!)

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Minor Pentatonic Mastery sounds like exactly what I need. How do I get access to the course?

There are 2 ways you can access it. Your first option is to purchase it as a single stand-alone course. You pay for the course once, and it is yours to keep and access forever. For some people this is the best option.

Your second option is to become an annual Total Guitar Lab member. It's like signing up to Netflix! You pay an annual fee and you get full access to everything on my site including Minor Pentatonic Mastery. To learn more about this option scroll down the page or click here.

How is Minor Pentatonic Mastery delivered?

The modules consist of short video lessons, audio downloads, backing tracks and PDF downloads. Everything is fully explained and demonstrated in simple language (no confusing jargon!), at different speeds, and with close-up video shots. Everything is purposely made super-easy for guitarists to use and to follow.

Is there TAB available for all the lessons?

Yes. In your bonus course roadmap you'll find professionally transcribed guitar TAB, fretboard diagrams and notation for all examples in the course. The roadmap also contains practice routines for you to use for each module! You also get the Guitar Pro tab files for everything in the course. These can be played, looped, slowed down and more using the inexpensive Guitar Pro app or other free app options. This is a great way to practice and learn examples at your own pace.

Who is Minor Pentatonic Mastery for?

This course is for any player who wants to ultimately master the fretboard and be able to freely solo and improvise all over their instrument. Some knowledge of lead guitar and soloing techniques is useful, but you don't need to be at an advanced level to get huge benefit from this course. Unlike many guitar tuition products, the licks shown are not super difficult, 'shredding' licks which only advanced level players have a hope of playing. So whether you're at a basic or more advanced level, if you need to boost your understanding of the fretboard and improvisation, I think you'll enjoy this course.

How long will it take me to work through Minor Pentatonic Mastery?

The modules in Minor Pentatonic Mastery are 'bite sized' and designed to be fun and manageable to work through. Plus you don't need to master every single thing in a module before you move on.

Having said that you should expect to spend around a month on most of the modules if you're going to cover them properly. You may find you're faster than this... or slower. It doesn't matter, the whole beauty of an online course is that you get to go at your own pace.

I've wasted money on courses before. How is Minor Pentatonic Mastery different from those?

I've bought hundreds of guitar books, DVDs and courses over the years. Most of them offered very little that was going to truly help me transform my playing. You see, anybody can write a book or a course, but creating a step-by-step method which people can follow, and which actually works is something else entirely.

I believe this is what I've managed to do with Minor Pentatonic Mastery - and loads of feedback and reviews from users backs this up (see some of them on this page). So if you're serious about improving your playing, and tired of wasting time practcing things which make no real difference to your playing, then Minor Pentatonic Mastery could be what you've been looking for. You see, it doesn't just 'tell' you information - it gives you a detailed system and plan to follow to get transformative results (see student testimonials over this page).

'I have played guitar for many years and I know the 5 shapes of the pentatonic scale but in all the years I have been unable to make them sound musical or connect them in any way. Very quickly James’s instruction using the rule of 2 has unlocked the mystery around the fretboard and allowed me to see it in a whole new light. I would say this is the best money I have spent on myself. I wouldn’t be able to buy 6 lessons for that price, let alone know I’m getting lessons of the highest quality that I can do at my own pace. I would recommend this course to anyone.

- Ewin M, Minor Pentatonic Mastery user, UK

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