Want to play electric blues guitar but don't know where to start?

How about starting with the exact same tools and techniques used by the blues guitar legends taught in a way that'll quickly have you using them too?

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'Wow, what a great course!' 

'I'm only about a third of the way through and my playing has already improved very noticeably.  My wife is my most honest critic and she agrees! The technical instruction on bending and vibrato was outstanding and the classic licks that I have learned are great building blocks. I feel like you are giving me the tools I need to really do this'

- Kevin M, North Dakota, USA

Why Choose Blues Guitar Launchpad?

Simple: Blues Guitar Launchpad is built to teach you step-by-step everything you need to start playing great-sounding blues guitar!

So instead of wasting your time trawling through hours of video on YouTube, trying to find what you need to know, you can follow a step-by-step method which has already worked for hundreds of other guitar players (see student testimonials on this page!)


Blues Guitar Launchpad is easy to follow and use, and takes you step-by-step through the knowledge, skills and techniques you need to play electric blues guitar. So whether you're a beginner blues guitarist or have some experience already, you can be sure to avoid the playing mistakes and knowledge gaps which hold most players up.


Shoddy technique can stop you in your tracks and make your playing sound amateur! That's why Blues Guitar Launchpad shows you the crucial tips and 'secrets' you need to nail essential blues techniques like string bending, vibrato, 'blues curls' etc. The result: you can confidently be playing authentic blues licks and solos that stand out so much sooner than most other guitarists.


Blues Guitar Launchpad equips you with all the basic tools you need to play authentic blues. You'll learn the 12 bar blues, the minor pentatonic and blues scales, 'sliding' blues scales, playing blues in any key, plus dozens of authentic, cool sounding blues licks and complete solos. Most importantly, you'll discover how to use all this to build a great sounding blues guitar style.

An electric guitar  and amplifier on a white background


Nothing kills your motivation like struggling through confusing, badly structured lessons, feeling overwhelmed and like you're getting left behind. That's why Blues Guitar Launchpad is taught in a 100% 'confusion-free' way, with close up demonstrations, and crystal clear explanations of every concept, lick and technique. And, you can work at your own pace and still see awesome results using the Blues Guitar Launchpad 'Course Roadmap' which comes with each module.

'An awesome course like no other!' 

I have done all the online courses out there. I always got bored, felt rushed, or just got lost. This is the first course where I loved each session. Before, I was learning all these cool blues riffs and solos, but had no idea what I was learning, I was just memorizing someone else's ideas. Now I can make up my own! I can't tell you how much this course has helped me. Just try it and stick with it' 

- AJ Miller, Rhode Island, USA

'This is the most comprehensive course I've ever taken... and it builds, first with the foundation, to structure, to finishing touches. Whilst I've finished it, I certainly will keep coming back. There is enough to keep me busy for a long time. And I didn't get frustrated and quit. Great course!'

- Gary Cook , USA

Here's why I created Blues Guitar Launchpad...

Secret: you don't need to know very much to play great blues guitar, and playing cool, authentic blues solos is not that difficult. You just need to be shown the right things and how to use them, without all the confusion and distracting fluff (which makes things seem much more complicated than they are!)

Unlike many guitar teachers and players, I remember how confusing it was when I was a beginner/intermediate player. I'd listen to the great blues players and wonder what made them sound so good; were they doing things I didn't even know about?

And I'd ask myself 'What are the most important things for me to learn right now which are actually going to make a difference to my playing?'

Have you been there?

I created Blues Guitar Launchpad so that you can learn blues guitar the right way and save yourself the years of confusion and frustration most players go through.

Blues Guitar Launchpad gives the essential tools you need to play great blues guitar so that you can learn to rip out a high impact blues solo over almost any blues song and hit your local blues jam session feeling confident and prepared.

Create solos of your own which sound like some of the biggest blues legends ever!

So if you're ready to actually learn how to play blues and see a real difference in your playing then I invite you to sign-up to Blues Guitar Launchpad now.

And if you're not sure whether this process actually works, check out what some of my other Blues Guitar Launchpad students have been saying on this page.

Watch these preview lessons to see excerpts from Blues Guitar Launchpad (Warning: includes essential blues tips!)

Join Blues Guitar Launchpad right now, and start your journey of blues discovery...

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What's covered in Blues Guitar Launchpad?

In a nutshell, pretty much all the knowledge and techniques you need to start playing authentic blues guitar, you know, the kind of stuff that makes you sound like you know what you're doing!

Of course, it takes time and practice to learn to do everything in this course, but you really can play a whole lot of great blues guitar simply by knowing what this course shows you.

Here's a summary of what you'll find in each module of Blues Guitar Launchpad:

Module 1: Welcome to Blues Guitar Launchpad

Learn what the course teaches you, how to get the best results from using it, plus how to track your progress and get awesome results using the Blues Guitar Launchpad Roadmap.

Module 2: Essential Tools for Playing Great Blues

Let's start by equipping you with the must-know blues tools as used by all blues artists. Discover the 12 bar blues and the blues scale, plus we'll bust some of the most confusing and prevalent myths about how these tools work together (learn how simple it really is).

Module 3: Putting It Together (your 1st solo!)

In this module I'll take you step-by-step through an authentic blues guitar solo and show you how to play it. We'll deal with the two most important blues guitar techniques: string bending and vibrato, and you'll learn how to do them the right way, right from the start! Included in this module are practice tracks and backing tracks to use as you master this first blues solo.

Module 4: Essential Blues Licks (used by the legends!)

Discover classic blues licks used by all the blues legends including BB King, Jimi Hendrix, Albert King and other blues masters. Step-by-step breakdown and analysis will get you playing and understanding these licks so that you can start to use them in your blues solos. We also discuss why we need to learn licks and how you can use them to create wicked blues licks of your very own!

Module 5: Blues 'Power Moves'

'Power Moves' are the building-blocks the blues legends use to create their authentic, awesome solos! In this module I'll show you some of the most popular and important power moves you need to know if you want to sound like a blues guitarist. Discover how to go from playing other people's licks and solos - to feeling like you're actually playing your own. This concept is what's missing from most other courses - learn how it's done in this crucial module.

Module 6: Recap and Some Other Cool Things

Nobody likes to be overwhelmed - so in this module we'll pause and recap on the crucial knowledge you've learned so far in the course! We'll also look at some super-handy secrets for getting a great blues guitar sound with your equipment, a new 12 bar blues riff you can use, and I'll share 3 powerful tips you need to know for better jamming and blues solos.

Module 7: The 'Sliding' Blues Scale

Time to learn one of the best sounding blues tools there is: the 'sliding' blues scale. This scale is literally a goldmine of great sounding blues licks and ideas - and knowing how to use it can make a big difference to you as a player. Learn what the 'sliding' scale is, the fingering pattern, sliding scale 'power moves' plus licks in the styles of players like Eric Clapton, Albert King and other important blues artists.

Module 8: 'Blues Brew' Solo Study

In this module we'll breakdown and learn a 12 bar blues blues solo in the style of Eric Clapton. Based on his classic 'Strange Brew', this short solo is packed full of versatile and killer sounding sliding scale moves for you to use in your solos. With lick-by-lick breakdown, 'power moves' and analysis.

Module 9: Become a Jam Session Hero!

In this super-important module you'll discover some of the crucial things you need to know if you want to play blues with other musicians. Discover how to easily move blues scales and licks around the fretboard to solo in any key, how to change the key of the 12 bar blues, plus other crucial skills you need in order to hit that local blues jam with confidence! Included are practice drills and backing tracks in various keys so you can fine tune and nail everything here.

Module 10: 'Windy City' Chicago Blues Solo Study

In this module we'll learn and study Windy City - a cool Chicago-style blues solo in the key of G. With detailed lick-by-lick breakdown and demonstrations at multiple speeds, you can soon have this tasty solo under your fingers, and begin using similar licks and ideas in solos of your own.

Module 11: 'Don't Rush' Funky Blues Solo Study

Time for a funky, up-tempo blues solo in the style of blues guitar legends Freddie King and Otis Rush. Packed full of tasty bends and funky phrasing, the Don't Rush solo study will give you a multitude of inspiring soloing ideas to work into your playing. A few speedier licks in this solo, making it a great study in boosting your fretboard fluency!

Module 12: 'Texas Pride' Texas Blues Solo Study

In this final module we'll look a solo based on the style of the most influential blues artist of recent times: Stevie Ray Vaughan. In this homage to Stevie's playing you'll encounter funky double-stops, wide 'singing' vibrato, double stop 'slide' style licks plus some fiery phrases and licks designed to boost your playing speed and technique. Texas Pride is the perfect way to wrap up the course, and challenge you to take your playing to the next level!


Blues Guitar Launchpad sounds like exactly what I need. How do I get access to the course?

There are 2 ways you can access Blues Guitar Launchpad. Your first option is to purchase it as a single stand-alone course. You pay for the course once, and Blues Guitar Launchpad is yours to keep and access forever. For some people this is the best option.

Your second option is to become an annual Total Guitar Lab member. It's like signing up to Netflix! You pay an annual fee and you get full access to everything on my site, including of course, Blues Guitar Launchpad. To learn more about this option scroll down the page or click here.

How is Blues Guitar Launchpad delivered?

The course uses a mixture of short video lessons, audio downloads, backing tracks and PDF downloads. Everything is fully explained and demonstrated in simple 'BS free' language (no confusing jargon!) and close-up video shots.

Is there TAB available for all the lessons?

Yes. Each module comes with a professionally transcribed and fully downloadable PDF workbook featuring all the examples in guitar TAB and notation. The workbook also contains the 'homework' for the module! Working through these short practice routines will help you learn, remember and be able to use everything in the module much more easily.

You also get the Guitar Pro tab files for everything in the course. These can be played, looped, slowed down and more using the inexpensive Guitar Pro app or other free app options. This is a great way to practice and learn examples at your own pace.

Who is Blues Guitar Launchpad for?

The course is designed for beginner and intermediate level electric blues guitarists.

If you're just starting your blues guitar journey and want to avoid the confusion and hold ups most beginners face, then Blues Guitar Launchpad will be a perfect fit! No blues knowledge is required to use this course succesfully, all the basics are covered in the early modules.

If you are an intermediate level player with some knowledge and experience playing blues you will also get a lot from this course. You may know some of the basic material covered already, but there is plenty to challenge and motivate you in these lessons.

Perhaps you have some experience with playing blues, but feel like you never really covered the essentials, and you have big gaps in your technique and understanding. If this is you, then Blues Guitar Launchpad is just what you need to get back on track.

This course is not for advanced blues players. If you already consider yourself a very capable soloist who can solo over the 12 bar blues in any key, you have a large range of blues licks and runs at your disposal but want to expand your playing, then you may be better suited to my follow-on course, Blues Guitar Lick Lab.

How long will it take me to work through Blues Guitar Launchpad?

The modules in Blues Guitar Launchpad are 'bite sized' and designed to be fun and manageable to work through. Plus you don't need to master every single thing in a module before you move on.

Having said that you should expect to spend around a month on most of the modules if you're going to cover them properly. You may find you're faster than this... or slower. It doesn't matter, the whole beauty of an online course is that you get to go at your own pace!

Join Blues Guitar Launchpad and see and hear big changes in your blues playing!

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'If you want to learn blues this course is for you.'

I can't imagine a better teacher than James Shipway and Blues Guitar Launchpad is proof.  I enjoyed this course so much and learned guitar techniques beyond my wildest dreams.  I intend to go back over the course again to pick up anything I missed but I can actually say I am now able to play blues guitar.  The course is laid out in an easy-to-follow manner and I could not be happier with what I have learned so far. I'm looking forward to what lies ahead.  Thank you, James!"

- Joanne S, New York, USA

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