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...and how to use them to start playing rock guitar solos that turn heads and sound awesome!

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'I bought another course some months ago. It promised a lot... but left me with more questions than answers. James' approach kicks ass. In a short time, and with just a few licks from Rock Guitar Lick Lab I, can now improvise a solo!'

- Paul Bosma, Rock Guitar Lick Lab user, Netherlands

Why Choose Rock Guitar Lick Lab?

Rock Guitar Lick Lab cuts out all the distracting fluff and gets straight to the 'core' things you need to play smoking rock guitar leads, licks and solos.

So instead of wasting your time trawling through hours of video on YouTube, trying to find what you need to know, you get a 'toolbox' of awesome sounding rock licks and a step-by-step plan for learning how to use them to create explosive rock solos.

Most guitar players (like me) take years to discover what you can learn with Rock Guitar Lick Lab in a fraction of that time.


Rock Guitar Lick Lab is easy to follow and use, and shows you how to build the knowledge, technique, skills and vocabulary you need to play authentic, attention-grabbing rock guitar solos. If you feel like you always play the same licks, or like your knowledge or technique is holding you back... then Rock Guitar Lick Lab could be for you.


Haphazard, sloppy playing technique can really hold you up. That's why Rock Guitar Lick Lab shows you 'must know' secrets and tips for nailing essential rock techniques (bending, legato, pinch harmonics, alternate picking etc) for razor-sharp technique. The result: you can confidently be playing punchy, more professional rock licks and solos that stand out from the crowd.


Carefully picked from hundreds of legendary rock solos, these 'building blocks' have been squeezed into just 26 powerful licks for speedier learning (and much better solos, much sooner). Plus you'll discover how to use them to develop a 'never-ending lick bag' of powerful soloing ideas so that you never run out of things to play in your solos (and all without spending hours learning thousands of new licks).

Electric guitar with amplifier, white background


Nothing kills your motivation like struggling through confusing, badly structured lessons, feeling overwhelmed and like you're getting left behind. That's why Rock Guitar Lick Lab is taught in a 100% 'confusion-free' way, with close-up demonstrations, and crystal clear explanations of every concept, lick and technique. And, you can work at your own pace and still see awesome results using the Rock Guitar Lick Lab 'Course Roadmap' which comes with each module.

'Rock Guitar Lick Lab is by far the best course I've ever taken on rock lead and improvisation'

- Gary Van Rensburg, Rock Guitar Lick Lab user and gigging musician, NZ

'I recently purchased Rock Guitar Lick Lab and it's one of the best courses I have ever bought! James has an excellent teaching style and breaks the course up into easy to digest chunks. All the licks can be easily incorporated into your playing and used to spark lots of great ideas to build into your soloing vocabulary'

- Ray Gallagher, Rock Guitar Lick Lab user, USA

Here's why I created Rock Guitar Lick Lab...

Secret: you don't need to know hundreds of licks or have jaw-dropping technique to play great-sounding rock and metal leads. All you need is a 'toolkit' of authentic rock soloing ideas and the ability to put them together in a convicing way... it is this that the great players do so well.

Rock Guitar Lick Lab is my way of giving you this 'toolkit'. You'll learn killer bending moves, funky double stops, wicked alternate picking and stretch lick ideas, and more of the devices your favourite rock guitar legends use to play their amazing solos. You'll learn how to 'inject' them into your playing, and start using them too.

I wanted to make this much more than a 'lick course' - there are hundreds of these out there already. What almost none of them do though, is show you how to actually use those licks. This is where Rock Guitar Lick Lab is different, you see, I'll actually show you how to go from learning licks, to building a rock soloing vocabulary and how to learn to use it easily and fluently to literally transform your rock and metal guitar soloing.

Along the way we'll also take a detailed look at the crucial techniques and knowledge you need to truly take your rock soloing to a whole new level.

So if you're ready to see some big changes in your rock soloing, and get closer to becoming the rock player you've always dreamed of being, then I invite you to join me and other successful students in Rock Guitar Lick Lab now and get started right away.

Watch these preview videos to see excerpts from Rock Guitar Lick Lab (Warning: prepare to learn some killer tips!)

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What's covered in Rock Guitar Lick lab?

In a nutshell: this course aims to give the musical vocabulary and techniques you need to start playing authentic rock and metal solos. Of course, it takes time and practice to learn to do everything this course shows you, but by following the method laid out in Rock Guitar Lick Lab, almost any guitarist can see a big shift in the standard of their guitar playing.

Here's a breakdown of what's in each module of Rock Guitar Lick Lab:

Module 1: Essential Scale Shapes and Skills

After a brief welcome message, we dive on in and learn some of the essential knowledge that all rock players need to know. Lessons in this module include:

- 4 Essential Scales You Can't be Without

Learn the most common scale patterns used by the legends of rock guitar.

- How To Move Scales Into Any Key (Important!)

A 'must-know' skill for absolutely any player - check you know how to do it.

- How To Move Any Lick Into Any Key (Important!)

This will help you to use your new rock soloing vocabulary in almost any setting.

Module 2: Build Your Lick Library

In module 2 we equip you with a killer rock soloing vocabulary. You'll literally learn the 'nuts and bolts' you need to play great rock licks and solos. Lessons in this module are:

- Essential Blues/Rock Power Licks

Learn the powerful blues-based vocabulary that any rock player needs to sound authentic. With examples in the style of players like Slash, Angus Young, Zakk Wylde, Joe Perry and others.

- Rapid Fire Repeating Licks

Repeating licks are great for adding fire and excitement to your rock leads. In this lesson you'll learn repeating lick examples in the style of players like Slash, Michael Schenker, Randy Rhoads, Zakk Wylde, Nuno Bettencourt and others.

- Hot Alternate Picked Licks

This lesson will equip you with a set of versatile, high-energy picking licks in the styles of players like Gary Moore, Randy Rhoads, Paul Gilbert and Zakk Wylde.

- Extended Blues Scale Runs

'Slippery', sliding licks covering more of the fretboard. Examples in the style of players like Jimmy Page, George Lynch, Joe Satriani, Steve Vai and others!

- Sequence and Stretch Licks

Learn some ideas for attention-grabbing 'stretch licks' based on the playing of guitarists like Kirk Hammett, Zakk Wylde, Randy Rhoads and other legends.

Module 3: Build Your Awesome Guitar Style

The lessons in this module focus on taking the material from module 2 and using it to build a huge vocabulary of rock soloing ideas. Take these 5 practice methods or 'hacks', and use them to create your own 'bottomless pit' of soloing ideas. This module can transform the way you practice and think about soloing and improvising! Learn how to use:

- The 'Get In, Get Out' Hack

Learn to lead in and lead out of each lick to integrate it into your playing.

- The 'Snapping Chunks 1' Hack

Combine the 'chunks' of the module 2 licks to easily create hundreds of new licks of your own.

- The 'Chunk Sandwich' Hack

Learn to use a 'chunk' from any lick to create almost endless new soloing ideas.

- The 'Snapping Chunks 2' Hack

Further explore how to combine the 'chunks' of the module 2 licks to create tons of awesome new soloing material!

- The 'Strip It Down' Hack

Discover how to 'extract' powerful soloing material from any lick to use in your playing.

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Bonus 1: Chopbuilder Video Course (Deluxe Edition)

If there's one thing you need to play great rock guitar...it's a decent playing technique, and Chopbuilder will help equip you with exactly that. Discover the secrets of fast alternate picking, legato, vibrato, tapping, muting and other essential rock techniques. This 'deluxe edition' features detailed tab, lesson notes, and Guitar-Pro files.

Bonus 2: Rock Jam Session Play-Along Course

Over 45 minutes of top quality backing tracks in the styles of legends like ACDCBlack SabbathGuns'n'Roses and others. Perfect for using with the Rock Guitar Lick Lab course.

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Rock Guitar Lick Lab sounds like exactly what I need. How do I get access to the course?

There are 2 ways you can access Rock Guitar Lick Lab. Your first option is to purchase it as a single stand-alone course. You pay for the course once, and it is yours to keep and access forever. For some people this is the best option.

Your second option is to become an annual Total Guitar Lab member. It's like signing up to Netflix! You pay an annual fee and you get full access to everything on my site including Rock Guitar Lick Lab. To learn more about this option scroll down the page or click here.

How is Rock Guitar Lick Lab delivered?

The course uses a mixture of short video lessons, audio downloads, backing tracks and PDF downloads. Everything is fully explained and demonstrated in simple 'BS free' language (no confusing jargon!), at different speeds, and with close up video shots. Everything is purposely made super-easy to follow.

Is there TAB available for all the lessons?

Yes. Each module comes with a professionally transcribed and fully downloadable PDF workbook featuring all the examples in guitar TAB and notation. The workbook also contains practice routines for you to use for each module. Plus, you get the Guitar Pro tab files for everything in the course. These can be played, looped, slowed down and more using the inexpensive Guitar Pro app or other free app options. This is a great way to practice and learn examples at your own pace.

Who is Rock Guitar Lick Lab for?

Rock Guitar Lick Lab is right for you if you have a burning desire to play great rock solos. It is not really designed for total beginners (although it will get you started the right way if you are at this stage). Nor does it contain super difficult, 'shredding' licks which only mega advanced level players will be able to play. So if you're somewhere in between that and ready to be stretched and challenged... then I think you'll love it.

If you want to expand your range of licks and techniques, and increase the musicality and impact of your soloing - then you will get a lot from this course. You may know some of the basic/introductory material covered, but you will find plenty to challenge and motivate you.

How long will it take me to work through Rock Guitar Lick Lab?

The modules in Rock Guitar Lick Lab are 'bite sized' and designed to be fun and manageable to work through. Plus you don't need to master every single thing in a module before you move on.

Having said that you should expect to spend around a month on most of the modules if you're going to cover them properly. You may find you're faster than this... or slower. It doesn't matter, the whole beauty of an online course is that you get to go at your own pace.

I've wasted money on courses before. How is Rock Guitar Lick Lab different from other courses out there?

I've got hundreds of lick books and DVDs sitting on my bookshelf. Useless, most of them!

All they do is show you how to play a bunch of random licks... and then they stop! What they don't tell you is when or how to use what they show you.

Rock Guitar Lick Lab is different - I don't just give you a bunch of licks to learn (and then forget). In fact, I devote a whole module to showing you powerful, proven ways to take what's in the course and put it all together into a great sounding rock guitar style you can be proud of.

'Rock Guitar Lick Lab has helped me get so much more out of my guitar playing. Since starting the course I've noticed a real improvement in a relatively short time. James' teaching is clear, warm and enthusiastic and playing these exciting rock licks (with all the technical tips James throws in) has been the perfect way for me to expand my playing'

- John Martin, UK, Rock Guitar Lick Lab user

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What do I get when I join?

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