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Step-by-step method for learning to play chords, fills and licks together to create your own solo blues jams.

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'Thanks James, that was a lot of fun!

You explained the concepts clearly, and have given me something musical to practice other than just 'running scales'. Now I know the principles, I can apply these ideas to other musical situations with confidence. Thanks again!

- Dave C, Solo Blues Jamming user, UK

Why Choose Solo Blues Jamming?

If you've tried to play blues chords, licks and fills together to create your own solo blues-jams but found it almost impossible, then let this workshop give you exactly what you need...

By breaking down the skill and teaching it to you step-by-step, you really can be playing solo blues jams much sooner than you probably ever thought possible.


Guitar players of almost any level can take and use the concepts demonstrated in Solo Blues Jamming - the only requirement is a strong desire to create your very own jam sessions! Ideally, users will already have at least some experience of playing blues guitar chords, licks and riffs - but this knowledge isn't absolutely essential in order to use this course.


If your rhythm is shoddy or you keep losing your place in the 12 bar blues... then cool licks and techniques don't matter! This is why we focus on developing rock-solid timing, knowing where you are in the blues at all times, seamlessly integrating licks and chords, plus other crucial skills you need to be an effective solo blues jammer. This foundation is what will eventually give you the freedom to make your solo-jams sound however you want!


After covering the basics, Solo Blues Jamming shows you how to craft your solo-jams into authentic, polished sounding performances. You'll learn classic intro licks, turnaround licks and endings to help you sound like you really know what you're doing! We'll also investigate how to easily employ hybrid-picking to create some authentic blues sounds, plus cover other essential blues guitar techniques.

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Nothing kills your motivation like confusing, badly structured lessons which make you feel like you're getting nowhere. That's why Solo Blues Jamming is taught with 100% 'confusion-free' video lessons, using close up demonstrations, and crystal clear explanations of every concept, lick and technique.

And, you can work at your own pace and see awesome results using the detailed worksheets, play along 'practice-drill' videos, downloadable drum loops and Guitar-Pro files (for looping and slowing down exercises) which feature in each module.

'Really enjoying this one!' 

Fantastic course with plenty of examples and videos. Good documentation and presentation plus excellent backing audios for download. Really enjoying this one!' 

- Dave M, Solo Blues Jamming user, UK

'Brings it all together, showing you step-by-step how to combine your blues guitar skills in a 'real life' playing situation.'

- Mark B, Solo Blues Jamming user, UK

Here's Why I created my Solo Blues Jamming workshop...

People often say:

'I can play blues chords, licks and solos. Why can't I mix them all together to create a 'solo' blues jam like some players do?'

I started thinking about what was stopping them from being able to do this. Then I decided to create a step-by-step method to teach them how to overcome these problems.

The result is my Solo Blues Jamming workshop.

This course works because it focuses on the basics, giving you the solid foundation you need to get your jams sounding great. Once you've got that foundation, you'll be amazed what it allows you to do.

This workshop does not give you all sorts of 'hot licks and tricks' which you'll never use. Instead, we focus on things like keeping a rock-solid rhythm, keeping your place in the blues, integrating licks in between chords without getting lost... all the things which stop most players in their tracks when it comes to playing in this style.

After that, we'll add finishing touches like intros and turnarounds to turn your solo jams into polished sounding performances!

So if you want to play blues solo-jams but have found it impossible before now, grab this inexpensive workshop, and we'll get started right away...

Join Solo Blues Jamming right now, and start your journey of blues discovery...

How Solo Blues Jamming Works...

In this course you'll learn a '3-step-plan' to use to develop the skills you need to enjoy many hours of happy solo jamming - without the confusion and frustration most players encounter.

Step 1: Nail the Basic Skill

Start by learning to jam on a one chord riff. Discover how to get 100% comfortable 'juggling' chords and licks together and how to keep the rhythmic groove rock-solid (this is 'make-or-break' for your jams!)

Step 2: Solo Jam the 12 Bar-Blues

Next, you'll apply what you learned in Step 1 to a complete 12 bar blues progression. Discover how to switch between playing licks and chords without losing your place in the blues - an essential skill for taking your blues jams wherever you want (without ever worrying about getting lost)

Step 3: Creating a Finished Performance

Finally you'll discover how to add intro licks, turnarounds and blues endings for a slicker, more polished performance. You'll learn some common intro and turnaround licks, plus how to use basic hybrid picking technique to achieve some absolutely classic blues sounds.


This course sounds like exactly what I need. How do I get access to it?

There are 2 ways you can access Solo Blues Jamming. Your first option is to purchase it as a single stand-alone course. You pay for the course once, and it's yours to keep and access forever. For some people this is the best option.

Your second option is to become an annual Total Guitar Lab member. It's like signing up to Netflix! You pay an annual fee and you get full access to everything on my site, including of course, Solo Blues Jamming. To learn more about this option scroll down the page or click here.

How is the course delivered?

The course uses a mixture of short video lessons, video practice-drills, audio downloads, PDF TAB worksheets and Guitar-Pro files . Everything is fully explained and demonstrated in simple language (no confusing jargon!) and close-up video shots.

Is there TAB available for all the lessons?

Yes. The course comes with professionally transcribed, downloadable PDF worksheets featuring all the examples in guitar TAB and notation. You also get the Guitar Pro tab files for everything in the course. These can be played, looped, slowed down and more using the inexpensive Guitar Pro app or other free app options. This is a great way to practice and learn examples at your own pace.

Who is Solo Blues Jamming for?

Anyone who wants to play solo blues jams using the 12 bar blues. Guitar players of any level can apply the concepts taught in this course, but it is really designed for players of beginner to intermediate standard. Experienced, advanced blues players may find the course too basic.

How long will it take me to work through the course and see results?

This depends on the individual, but the course itself is compact, comprised of bite-sized lessons, and doesn't take hours to watch. As a very rough guideline, most players should see some noticeable improvements in their playing in a matter of days if they follow the method outlined.

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